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  • Paul Anthony Jones


(n.) someone who grumbles about their ill health; (v.) to complain, to whine

When they fall ill, some people are able to keep their problems to themselves and bravely battle on regardless. Others on the other hand turn into insufferable hypochondriacs, only too eager to ensure that everyone nearby knows of their troubles. Those people are quaddles—and what they are doing is quaddling.

A term from the dialects of the far southwest corner of England, quaddle is both a noun and a verb: as a noun it refers to “a disagreeable person,” who “complains of ill-health” according to the English Dialect Dictionary. As a verb, it means “to do precisely that”—with an 1886 guide to the Archaic Terms Used in the West of Somerset giving the example sentence, “He’ll still quaddly zo long’s ever he can get anybody t’harky [listen].”

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