• Paul Anthony Jones


(n.) a fondness for graveyards

One tweet that proved unexpectedly popular here on HH was this one: coimetrophilia is an excessive love of cemeteries.

You can decide for yourself precisely what “excessive” means there.

Etymologically, though it may not look like it, coimetrophilia actually derives from the same root as the word cemetery itself. Via Latin, both come from the Greek word for a dormitory, koimeterion, which in turn derives from the verb koimao, meaning “to lull to sleep”, or “to lie down to rest”. That, somewhat pleasingly, makes a cemetery, quite literally, a resting place.  

But what if graveyards aren’t quite for you? Well, the word you might be looking for is coimetrophobia—an irrational fear of graveyards. 

#death #Greek #Latin #etymology

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