• Paul Anthony Jones


(n.) a liar who boasts about their lies

An abydocomist is a liar who boasts about the lies they have told.

The word abydocomist derives from Abydos, an ancient town said to have been built on the banks of the Hellespont, in modern-day Turkey. The inhabitants of Abydos were a “soft, effeminate people given much to detraction”, according to one eighteenth century encyclopaedia, and moreover were “addicted to calumny”.

It’s more the second part of this description than the first that concerns us here. The fact that the locals of ancient Abydos were supposedly so well known for their tale-telling eventually gave us the word abydocomist—a term defined as early as 1751 by the English lexicographer Nathan Bailey as a word “sycophants who boast of their falsehood”.

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