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If you like to keep up with the quizzes and games we play here on HH, you might remember The A Game we posted a few months ago. Well, it’s back. Or rather, its alphabetical next door neighbour is. 

The rules are simple. Click PLAY in the box below, and you’ll be given the basic dictionary definition of a 9-letter word beginning with B. All you have to do is match that definition to the B word in the grid beneath it. The only catch? The letters in each of the answer words have been reshuffled into alphabetical order. 

So if the definition was “spherical inflatable toy, popular at the coast”, you’d pick AABBCEHLL—the letters in the word BEACHBALL. If the clue was “to reject a candidate by secret ballot”, you’d pick AABBCKLLL—the letters in BLACKBALL. Get the idea? Good. Now see how many you can correctly solve with 4 minutes on the clock... 

As always, let us know how you get on over on Twitter—and good luck! 

Can’t see the quiz? Apologies, you might be running an ad blocker—try this link instead!

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