It’s been a while since we tested your wordpower here at HH​—and passing the 90,000 followers mark over on Twitter seems like a good enough reason as any! So here’s something a little different...

In this game, you’ll be give a hangman-style template, with a few letters filled in, that matches just one common English dictionary word. Below it will be four definitions—only one of which matches the answer to the game. Just pick the correct definition to score a point.

So if the clue was H_ _GA_D, the answer would be “exhausted looking”, because not only is that how most etymology bloggers look, but it’s also the definition of the word HAGGARD.

Get the idea? The puzzles get a little trickier as the game moves on, but there are 15 to solve overall. As always, let us know your scores @HaggardHawks—and good luck!

Can’t see the quiz? Apologies, it might be an ad blocker thing... Try this link instead.

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