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Okay, first—some news. We had hoped our new charity puzzle book, The Haggard Hawks Book of Brainteasers, might raise £1,000 for cancer research charity The Sir Bobby Robson Foundation this year. In fact, thanks to everyone who’s picked up a copy so far, we hit that target in just three weeks. That’s an amazing landmark, and sincerely, we can’t thank you all enough! ♥ But we can, at least, offer you a little something else to give your wordpower a workout...

Click PLAY in the box below and you’ll be shown the last four letters of twenty-four 8-letter words. Above them will be the first four letters of just one of the words. All you have to do is match the first half to the second. So if the clue were QUAN–, you would click –DARY to make quandary.


Sound easy? Yeah, a little too easy. So a couple of twists: all the clues and answers begin with the same letter, and you’ve only 2 minutes in which to solve them all.

As always, please do share the game, and let us know your scores over on Twitter. (And, yes, for those of you who have picked up a copy of our charity Brainteasers book so far—UK readers head here, US and dot-com types, here!—this is based on that fiendish game No. 750...) Best of luck! 

Can’t see the quiz? Apologies, it might be an ad blocker thing... Try this link instead.

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