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It’s been a while, but it’s about time we had a new HH word game—and by crikey, this is a tough one...

Click PLAY in the box below, and you’ll be given 50 six-letter words. Above them will be a clue or a description that matches just five of the 50 words on offer. All you have to do is pick the five words that match each clue.

So if the clue was “starts and ends with the same letter”, you’d click words like window, laurel, asthma, pickup and mayhem. If the clue was “U is the only vowel”, you’d click words like humbug, church, bunkum, pushup and strung. Can’t quite complete the set? Click NEXT to pass an answer and come back to it later. Sound easy? Yes—too easy. So let’s just say the clues will be tougher than those, there’s only one correct combination that will let you match all 50 words, and, oh yes—you’ve only got 4 minutes to do it all in. Good luck...

Can’t see the quiz? You might be running an ad blocker—try this link instead!

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