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Once upon a time—10 December, 2013, in fact—some clueless soul started a Twitter account called @HaggardHawks, and began flooding the internet with recherché words, etymological trivia, and interesting facts about words like recherché (which is related to circus, FYI). And for some reason you all liked it and, as of today, have stuck with us for nine years. Happy birthday, Haggard Hawks! 

So to celebrate, here’s something we haven’t done in a while. The good old HH Missing Letters game is back—and, oh my, this one is doozie. 

Click PLAY below and you’ll be given a 9-letter word with its middle three letters removed. All you have to do is select the correct trio of letters from box beneath it to fill the gap. So if the clue were DIF___ULT, you would click FIC to make difficult. Sound easy? Good. So you won’t mind that there are 40 words to solve in total, all the potential answers are jumbled together, and you only have 4 minutes in which to figure them all out. Enjoy! 

As always, let us know how you score over on Twitter—and, on a serious note, thank you all so much for your continued interest in everything HH. (And a special shoutout to those of you who have picked up a copy of Why Is This A Question? recently too!)


Here’s to another nine years! 🦅

Can’t see the quiz? Apologies, it might be an ad blocker thing... Try this link instead.

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