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Happy 5th Birthday HH!

Missing Letters Game 

Yep, 5 years ago today good old @HaggardHawks fluttered into life over on Twitter. And now—34,500 tweets, six books, an Instagram feed and a ludicrous new podcast later—here we are. Bigger and wordier than ever. 

So as always, a massive thank you to all of you for following, supporting, and sharing all things both Haggard and Hawky over the last 5 years. (Yes, some of you have been here that long...) But what better way of saying thanks than with a good old fashioned HH word game? And, by crikey—I hope you’ve had your coffee. Because this is a fast paced one... 

Click PLAY in the box below, and you’ll be given seven letters: H, G, R, D, W, K and S. Above them will be a word with one of those letters missing. All you have to do is pick the correct letter to fill in the gaps.

So if the clue was HA_ _ARD, you’d pick G to spell HAGGARD. If the clue was HAW_S, you’d pick K to spell HAWKS. Sound easy enough? Yes. Yes it does. But let’s just say the words are a little bit tougher than haggard and hawks—and with just 2 and a half minutes on the clock, you’re going to be up against it...

As always, let us know how many you can solve over on Twitter—and good luck!

* Can’t see the quiz? Apologies, you might be running an ad blocker—try this link instead!