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Happy birthday HH! On this day back in 2013, a word-hunting bird of prey fluttered into life over on Twitter for the very first time, and for some reason all you lovely people seemed to enjoy it. Seven years later, here we all are! So a massive thank you, as always, for supporting, commenting, sharing, and just generally being great. It really is appreciated. 

But now, the reason why you’re all here... Click PLAY in the box below, and you’ll be given all 26 the letters of the alphabet. Above them will be a word with every other one of its letters missing. Every one of those gaps, however, can be filled with the same letter—you just need to work out which one. 

So if they clue was M_N_, you’d click I to spell mini. If the clue was _V_R, you’d pick E to spell ever. Get the idea? There are 50 words in total to restore to their complete selves—but just 3 minutes on the clock... As always, feel free to comment and share, and let us know how you score on over on Twitter. Best of luck!

Can’t see the quiz? Apologies, it might be an ad blocker thing... Try this direct link instead!

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