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It’s been a while since we put you all to the test, ​so here’s a quick puzzle to keep you busy (and to keep your mind off everything else). 

Rules are simple. Click PLAY in the box below, and you’ll be given the basic dictionary definition of a familiar word. All you have to do is pick the word that matches that definition from the four options below it. Sound easy?  Well—there’s a catch. You’re not going to be looking for the word itself, but an anagram of it.

So if the definition was “muscular organ at the centre of the circulatory system”, you’d pick EARTH, because it’s an anagram of HEART. If the clue was “central joint in the arm”, you’d pick BELOW, which is an anagram of ELBOW. “One of the digits of the hand”? That’d be FRINGE, not FINGER. Get the idea? Good. Now see how many you can correctly solve inside 5 minutes... 

As always, let us know how you get on over on Twitter—and good luck! 

Can’t see the quiz? Apologies, you might be running an ad blocker—try this link instead!

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