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Have you ever wondered why our language works the way it does? Why our words go in the order they do? Why our alphabet is in ABC order? Even why our letters look the way they do, and how our brain deals with all these random lines, curves, dots, and dashes, and somehow uses them to make sense of our linguistic world? If you have (or you’re now at least a little intrigued to know more), the latest Haggard Hawks book, Why Is This A Question?, is for you.

Why Is This A Question? answers 20 intriguing ponderables just like these, covering everything from the very basics of our words and languages, to extraordinary questions about their inner workings and how they operate in our world, our brains, and our culture.

How do we read? How do we understand things? Why do our hands move when we speak? And what does an aeroplane have to do with how your vocal cords work? The answers to all these—plus a great many more—are here.

Click through to the BOOKS page for more information and a sample chapter.

!! US readers – we’ve had so many emails here at HH HQ asking if and when Why Is This A Question? will be available Stateside it’s becoming hard to respond to them all individually! We’re still waiting for US publishing details to be thrashed out, so please bear with us. As soon as we know more, we’ll let you know over on Twitter. Thank you! 

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(n.) the open space formed by the supporting piers of a bridge



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