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Since 2013, Haggard Hawks has been tweeting and blogging about obscure words and their origins. This website now brings together the entire HH network under one online roof.


Here you can read the blog, to find out the stories behind the strangest words from the HH Twitter feed. Here too you can browse the HH books; play our fiendish word and language quizzes and games; watch our “500 Words” YouTube series; browse the new Instagram galleries—or just get in touch.

Latest news

Things are always busy here at HH HQ, but these past few months have been especially hectic. So let’s keep you posted on what’s been happening...

At long last the new HH book, Around The World In 80 Words, arrived in UK bookshops in October 2018. (Sorry, US and Canada, you’ll have to wait a little longer—but The Accidental Dictionary is still available Stateside, and The Cabinet of Linguistic Curiosities is on its way this autumn...) Click through to the Books page to find ​out more. 


Secondly, one of the reasons the HH newsletter has taken a little hiatus of late is that we’ve been working on something completely new here at HHHQ. So new and so different, in fact, that you’ll have to leave our comfortable nest and head over to yesorbs.com to find out more.

Yes or BS is a new game, blog, and podcast from Paul and the rest of the HH clan, in which the facts and trivia are not always as they seem. What you read or hear might be entirely true, or it might be complete BS—it’s up to you to play the game and find out whether you’re right or not. To keep track of all things Yes and all things BS, track down the website here, and be sure to follow the @yes_or_BS Twitter feed here.  

And, as always, keep an eye on the HH Twitter, @HaggardHawks, and your inboxes for more HH news coming very soon.

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