Every week throughout 2016, we posted a language-themed video to our YouTube channel as part of a series we called 500 Words. Each video explored the meanings and origins behind 10 different words or phrases—and as are 50 videos in the entire series, that’s 500 words in total. (But you’d probably already worked that out...) 

You can watch a few of our most popular videos below, or click through to the full 500 Words gallery here

10 Words That Sound Rude (But Really Aren’t)
500 Words Ep. 32
10 Words That Don’t Mean What They Used To
500 Words Ep. 46
Seeing Isn’t Believing...
The McGurk Effect
10 Words You Didn’t Know Had Opposites
500 Words Ep. 13
10 Confused &
Misused Words 
500 Words Ep. 45
Political Words  
500 Words Ep. 43