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WORD of the WEEK

What obscure word best sums up what’s happened in the news this week? You can follow HH on Twitter for a daily Word of the Day, and we let you choose a Word of the Year each December. But from politics to panchrestons, check out the new HH Word of the Week below.  

And for a daily dose of all things Haggard Hawks as a beautiful new book, check out The Cabinet of Linguistic Curiosities—an almanac of 366 HH Words of the Day, OUT NOW!

There’s been some bad weather this week here in the UK. The “Beast from the East” brought a blast of Siberian cold to the country, while Storm Emma brought much the same thing from the north Atlantic. Somewhere in the middle, the UK and Ireland saw t...

23 Feb 2018

From events in Florida to the actions of disaster relief workers in Haiti, there’s been some awful news recently. In light of which, this week’s Word of the Week is the decidedly muted choice of malversation—a sixteenth century word meaning “corrupt...

16 Feb 2018

Gideon and Foulfellow: DExEU’s latest recruits (Wikipedia/Public domain) 

UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson gave a speech about Brexit this week. And entirely unrelated to that, we posted the word ackamarackus over on Twitter:

Ackamarackus—or ackamara...

This year’s is the 23rd Winter Olympics. It’s also meant to be the coldest Olympiad on record (when the snowboarding gets underway on Friday, the competitors will be spiralling through –16º C air). And, what’s more, it gives HH the chance to dus...

 The absolute state of the Union (Pixabay) 

On Tuesday (or early Wednesday here in the UK), President Trump delivered his first official State of the Union address. The 1 hour and 20 minute speech was, according to one analysis, found to con...

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