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  • Missing Letters 1 ·​ 26 words, each one missing a different letter of the alphabet 

  • Word Facts · For our 2nd anniversary online, how many of these words can you match with their descriptions?

  • Missing Letters 2 · For World Dictionary Day 2016—can you complete all 30 words inside just 3 minutes?

  • Missing Letters 3 · Trick or Treat—how hard a game to you want to play?

  • Word Cloud · 50 words that need sorting into 10 categories of 5 words each. Sounds easy? Not with only 4 minutes on the clock it isn’t...

  • Missing Words · Thought our missing letters games were hard? This—marking our 30,000th follower—set the bar even higher!

  • Templates · If you’ve subscribed to your newsletter, you’ll likely know this game already: only word dictionary word fits each template. How many can you solve in 4 minutes?

  • Palindromes · Like a fiendish cross between our Missing Letters and Templates games, how many of these palindromes can you correctly match up within the time limit?

  • Tops & Tails · If the first two and last two letters are removed from a word, how easy is it to work out what they are? Not easy at all, it appears... 

  • Anagrams · How many of these devilish anagrams can you solve against the clock?

  • Trick & Treat 2 · For Halloween 2017, our pair of fiendish Trick and Treat games are back with a vengeance: will you play it safe with a treat, or chance it on a trick?

  • Chain Letters: To celebrate the 50k mark, here’s one of our most fiendish games yet. And if you’re after for an even tougher challenge, pay particular attention to that chain...