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  • Word of the Day · To mark our 5,000th tweet, how many of our Words of the Day do you recognize?

  • HH Quiz 1 · The very first HH quiz, marking our 10,000th Twitter follower in June 2015

  • HH Quiz 2 · Same rules as always: no time limit, just 20 fiendish HH questions...

  • HH Quiz 3 · Third time lucky—the HH quiz is back! 

  • HH Quiz 4 · What word literally means ‘little bug’? You’ll need to know here!

  • HH Quiz 5 · Where would you find an interfenestration? Find out here... 

  • HH Quiz 6 · Another milestone quiz marking out 15,000th Twitter follower in January 2016

  • HH Quiz 7 · What does the “wuthering” in Wuthering Heights mean? 

  • HH Quiz 8 · Another vintaine of questions to celebrate the 17,000 milestone!

  • HH Quiz 9 · What dictionary word literally means “little Virgin Mary”? 

  • HH Quiz 10 · The last of our first set of milestone quizzes, marking our 19,000th follower!

  • Shakespeare’s Words · To mark Shakespeare’s 400th anniversary in 2016, a quiz based around all the word he contributed to our language. 

  • The Accidental Quiz · These words really don’t mean what they used to... To mark the release of The Accidental Dictionary in October 2016, a quiz on English’s changeable words

  • 4th Birthday Quiz · Good old HH Turned 4 years old on 10 December 2017, and these 20 fiendish word and language quiz questions will find out how much you’ve learned since then...