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So. Why are you called “Haggard Hawks”?

Good question. It’s taken from the title of the book that started it all offit just so happens that the Twitter feed, started initially just to publicize the book, eventually took over... For more info on the etymological connection between haggard and hawks, try here

Are all your words genuine?

Yes! Sometimes it really might not seem like it, but yes—every word and fact on the HH feed is completely true. As a general rule, all the words we tweet are taken from as reliable a source as possible, and all the facts and stats we tweet are cross-checked as best as we possibly can. 

No, seriously—all of them?

Yes. Seriously.

Even that one about jesters and funerals?

You mean the archimime? Yes, even that one

So where do you get your information from?

The short answer is dictionaries. We draw the line at taking words from unattested sources—so those lovely lists of quirky words its all too easy to stumble across online these days just don’t tick our boxes, sorry. Instead, all our words are taken from dictionaries—both ancient and modern, as well as standard English, regional, and slang and colloquial—with the hallowed Oxford English Dictionary and the six-volume English Dialect Dictionary being two of our most significant cornerstones. 

Can I get a book of your facts?

Yes, you can—Word Drops was published in the UK and beyond in 2015, and in the US in 2016. 

I can’t get hold of one of your books in my country!

That’s not a question, but we’ll allow it... Sincere apologies if one or more of our books isn’t available where you are, but distribution and publishing deals are out of our hands, unfortunately. If you’re really struggling though, drop us an email: haggard@haggardhawks.com 

Can I ask you a question/tell you about a word/correct a tweet?

Yes! You can get in touch on Twitter of course, but there’s a contact form here on the website too—we try to answer all the correspondence we receive (which can be a lot, so please do bear with us...)

I tweeted you and you never replied. What’s up with that?!

Sorry. Really. We try to acknowledge as many comments and questions as possible over on Twitter, but with 100+ tweets a week and a very active 55,000+ followers, regrettably that’s not always possible. HH isn’t manned 24/7, so it’s possible that your comment or question might pass us by. If it’s something you really want clarifying, getting in touch by email is probably your best bet.

Are you on Facebook?

Yes, you can track HH down at facebook.com/haggardhawks.

Can I subscribe to the blog?

Since we moved the HH blog from our old blogging account to the new integrated blog here on haggardhawks.com, you’ll have to subscribe to our new weekly newsletter to keep up to date.

One last thing—how do you pronounce “FAQs”?

“Eff-ay-cues”. Anything else risks being seriously mispronounced.