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28 Jul 2018

Stand aside, cats on ships—there’s a new favourite HH fact in town. Well, almost. Actually, no; the favourite is still the cats on ships. But this one is still pretty bloody good:

Yes, back when men were men, women were suffragettes, and the worst word you could hear on the London stage was “bloody”,...

12 Jul 2018

A perennial favourite of HH, fellow online logophiles, and endless lists of weird words, lalochezia popped up on the Twitter feed yesterday and soon proved one of the week’s most popular words. 

Yes, there really is a word for the use of foul language to relieve stress or vexation. And here’s where i...

17 Jan 2018

Last week, a sweary fact about kestrels turned out to be not only HH’s most popular fact of the week, but one of our most popular facts ever. Back in the sixteenth century, kestrels were known as windfuckers and fuckwinds.

Having said that however, there’s a theory that claims you should in fact cha...

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10 Jun 2019

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