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12 Jul 2018

A perennial favourite of HH, fellow online logophiles, and endless lists of weird words, lalochezia popped up on the Twitter feed yesterday and soon proved one of the week’s most popular words. 

Yes, there really is a word for the use of foul language to relieve stress or vexation. And here’s where i...

27 May 2016

Earlier today, this peculiar etymological twist cropped up on the HH Twitter feed:

And so here’s a bit more about it.

Although nowadays auburn refers to red hair, the word itself is rooted in the Latin word albus, meaning “white”. That’s also where the word albinism comes from, as well as...

11 May 2016

 (Image credit: Wikipedia

If there’s one subject that crops up fairly regularly on the HH Twitter feed, it’s animal nicknames. You might have spotted this tweet about penguins—and the explanation behind it—over on Twitter the other day:

But it’s not just the penguins that have it bad: 

So this week o...

7 Apr 2016

“You’re going to do WHAT?” (Pixabay

If you’ve been keeping up with our new YouTube series, you might remember possibly the strangest word we’ve ever come across from our 10 Words You Won’t Believe Exist video. Namely, the eighteenth century verb feague.

Feague, for those of you who don’t already kno...

8 Dec 2015

Christmas is almost upon us again, which means bouning your home, preparing your Yule-hole, and misportioning yourself silly. And brandy sauce. Lots of brandy sauce. Brandy sauce with everything. Otherwise YOU’RE JUST NOT DOING CHRISTMAS RIGHT.

But Christmas is also the season for kissing under...

15 Jul 2015

For some reason, toilet talk keeps popping up on here (we’re looking at you, vespasienne), and unfortunately we’re heading back down that way now. That’s because last week we found out that when Italian slang gets weird, it gets brilliantly weird:

Pisacàn is an old Venetian word, which has long since...

26 May 2015

It’s fair to say that some of the words and facts we tweet about are a little unusual. (Yes, take a bow, monkey-poop, we mean you.) 

But one of the most unusual we’ve posted in a long time was this nugget of etymological gold (lifted—shameless plug alert—from our new book), which we tweeted earlier...

30 Apr 2015

Earlier this month, UK Labour Party leader Ed Miliband made headlines (as well as a new Labour Party slogan) by exclaiming that “Hell, yes!” he was tough enough to be the next Prime Minister. Then, earlier this week, David Cameron likewise made headlines when he admitted to feeling “bloody live...

10 Apr 2015

We tweeted about toilets a lot today. Purely by coincidence, of course. But you know how it is—once you’ve done one, it’s hard not to do another. Though one of the things we’ve tweeted probably needs a little bit more explaining:

So, first things first: Titus Flavius Vespasian became Roman Emperor in...

4 Mar 2015

Something smells a bit iffy about poppycock. People have been using it to mean “nonsense” or “useless blather” since the early 1800s, when it first began to appear in the colloquial English of the northeast United States. But how did it get there in the first place? 

According to several online...

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10 Jun 2019

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