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Most popular on HH this week was the fact that the shape of a Pringle crisp (or chip, should you be so inclined) is a hyperbolic paraboloid:

 There’ll no doubt be lots of interesting facts about paraboloids, but mathematics isn’t the HH game BECAUSE MATHS. But we can at...

27 Jun 2017

An astonishingly impressive bit of wordplay popped up on HH at the end of last week:

That’s opening and first verse of Near A Raven—a retelling of Edgar Allen Poe’s 1845 poem The Raven—by the American mathematician Mike Keith. This being an expert bit of wordplay by an equally expert mathematician, t...

25 Mar 2015

Apollo One-Teen: One small step for man (Image credit: Public domain) 

A few days ago, we tweeted this:

Which led to this:

It’s a good question—why do we say eleven and twelve, but then thirteen and fourteen? Why not oneteen and twoteen? Or threelve and fourlve?

Unsurprisingly the –t...

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10 Jun 2019

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