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20 May 2017

A while ago on HH we blogged about the brilliant story behind the naming of the planet Uranus, which was at one point due to be called George

And this week, we headed back into outer space with the story behind the naming of the planet Pluto: as we tweeted on Friday, the name Pluto was th...

15 Apr 2016

A long-forgotten (but no less useful) expression popped up on the HH Twitter feed the other day: 

...and this isn’t the only proverbially lazy Lawrence to find his way into the dictionary. 

Long before lazy people had “Lawrence on their backs” there was an earlier expressionLawrence bids wages,...

10 Feb 2016

Full colour image of Uranus. Stop laughing. (Image credit: NASA/Wikipedia

Before we begin, let’s get a few things out of the way. The noxious atmosphere around Uranus could kill a man. Uranus has a circumference of 100,000 miles. Scientists are looking at a black hole near Uranus. What are those tw...

20 Mar 2015

So earlier today—across the UK and much of north-western Europe, at least—this happened:

(Image credit: The Guardian)

A solar eclipse. The first one approaching a total eclipse of the Sun in the UK for more than fifteen years. Although here at HaggardHawks HQ, while the Moon was spectacularly blocking...

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10 Jun 2019

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