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If you follow HH on Instagram, you’ll have spotted this fact the other day: 

As word trivia go, the fact that 10-letter typewriter is one of the longest top-row “typewriter words” in the dictionary is a fairly well known one. Less well known are the other examples we included in that post: repertoire...

14 Nov 2017

Every so often on HH, a tweet about words containing impressively lengthy strings of consecutive letters of the alphabet will appear. So feedback contains all the letters from A to F. Jasminelike contains the letters IJKLMN. Kleptomania and sportsmanlike both contain KLMNOP. And liverwurst cont...

25 Oct 2016

Ah, Halloween. When children dress as monsters, adults dress like children, and everyone over the age of 30 dreads the sound of their own doorbell. But as it’s the scariest day of the year (and not just because of that doorbell thing), this week on YouTube we looked at the names of 10 little-known g...

12 Oct 2016

Gandalf does his bit to encourage exam revision. (Image credit: YouTube

It’s World Dictionary Day this Sunday, which commemorates the birthday of great American lexicographer Noah Webster. Born in Connecticut on 16 October 1758, it was Webster’s American Dictionary of the English Language...

7 Aug 2016

A little while ago, this fact cropped up on the HH Twitter feed:

It ended up sparking quite a debate about whether carpet actually did have a rhyme, with everything from trumpet to market thrown into the mix. But, no. Seriously. Nothing rhymes with carpet. And nor does nothing, fo...

19 Jun 2016

A while ago on the HH blog, we looked at the history of time immemorial—an expression now used to mean “time beyond memory” or “time out of mind”, but which began life as a legal term in mediaeval England referring to anything that happened before the coronation of Richard I, on 6 July 1189.


27 Apr 2016

You might have seen this frankly brilliant fact pop up over on the Twitter feed this week:

Poor old penguins. It can’t be much fun humpling around in sub-zero temperatures avoiding being eaten by seals all day. But then along comes Oliver Goldsmith—whose seven-volume History of the Earth an...

23 Feb 2016

[Ed. – Originally posted here, this story is now one of 100 peculiar etymologies featured in “The Accidental Dictionary”, available from all good bookstores.]

So, this peculiar little fact cropped up over on HH the other day:

We’ve tweeted about clouds before:

…which sparked quite a debate over on...

2 Oct 2015

Since the first HH post for BuzzFeed went online last week, it’s been viewed more than 300,000 times and, incredibly, has boosted the Twitter account past the 13,000 followers mark—so you can now pit your wits against the fourth HH Quiz… 

But of all 53 language facts cherry-picked from...

25 Sep 2015

Here’s an intriguing little fact that popped up on the HH Twitter the other day:

This is actually (shameless plug #1) one of the choicer entries cherry-picked from the HH fact book, Word Drops. And although (shameless plug #2) you can find out more about it (shameless plug #3) in the design award-nom...

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10 Jun 2019

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