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We might be named after a bird, but horses keep popping up on Haggard Hawks a lot more than we might expect—often in the most bizarre of places, too. I mean, you can’t even ice a cake without a horse turning up, just like you can’t even feague a horse without an eel turning up. 

And then there’s this...

7 Dec 2016

The latest entry in our series of extracts from The Accidental Dictionary is the story behind the tiddlywink—which began life not as a game, but as a place. And even when it finally did become a game, it wasn’t originally the one you think it was...  

One of the earliest recorded references...

24 Oct 2016

(Image credit: Public domain)  

Gadzooks and lackaday, our weekly YouTube series is nearly at an end! We’re into the last ten of the 50 videos we’ll be posting to our channel this year, and this week—by crikey!—it was the turn of exclamations and interjections to be put in the HH spotlight:


28 Sep 2016

(Image credit: Wikipedia) 

This week on the HH YouTube channel, we looked at the origins and meanings of 10 complimentary words—including nods to handsome criminals, Ancient Greek courtesans, and a man who lived in a barrel.

But another term that we could have included on this list popped up on the HH...

8 Sep 2016

You might remember this fact from the HH Twitter feed a while back:

...which led to a bit more explanation here on the blog: the name Rebecca was used (in allusion to a story from the Old Testament) for a series of toll gate protests in Wales in the mid nineteenth century. And it’s that story again t...

3 Mar 2016

If you’ve been following the new HH YouTube channel so far this year, you might remember that a few weeks ago we posted a list of 10 Words Derived From Dickens Characters, just in time for Dickens’ 204th birthday on February 7. And following on from that, this week as part of our 500 Words seri...

10 Feb 2016

Full colour image of Uranus. Stop laughing. (Image credit: NASA/Wikipedia

Before we begin, let’s get a few things out of the way. The noxious atmosphere around Uranus could kill a man. Uranus has a circumference of 100,000 miles. Scientists are looking at a black hole near Uranus. What are those tw...

5 Sep 2015

(Image credit: Wikipedia

Earlier this week, this popped up on Haggard Hawks:

And, as so often happens with this kind of thing, there’s a brilliant—if a fairly sketchy—story behind it. Unlike a lot of slang expressions, the Glasgow magistrate has found its way into the OED, who have traced it ba...

13 Aug 2015

(Image credit: Flickr

 A few days ago, HH posted this: 

Which raised this perfectly appropriate question: 

The short answer is, yes, there is. But the long answer is much more interesting than that.

First things first: the ana of ananym is the Ancient Greek word ana, which was variously used to...

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10 Jun 2019

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