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30 Aug 2018

One of the most popular words for a while popped up on HH today: a wilsome path is a wandering, winding route that works its way through difficult or remote terrain. 

It might be tempting, bearing that definition in mind, to presume that wilsome is perhaps some kind of contraction of “wild-some”—afte...

28 Aug 2018

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a hundred times. Scots has all the best words. 

And if eggtaggle doesnt’ prove that point to you, we don’t know what will.

But egg? Taggle? Where does that come from? That’s a good question. A very good question, in fact, because we kinda don’t really know.

The dic...

16 Aug 2018

Every so often, something crops up on HH that if we didn’t provide the receipts for, no one would believe it to be true. And today, that something is buttock-mail.

Ah, the Scots. Don’t you just love them? Seriously, they have all the best words. 

So. Buttock-mail. Buttock. Mail. How on earth did...

15 Jul 2018

One of the oddest (and potentially most useful) words in a while popped up on HH recently, and we thought you’d like to know a little more about himmelsferd.

As we mentioned over on Twitter, himmelsferd is a Scots dialect word: as the great Scottish National Dictionary defines it, not only is it lite...

11 May 2018

A word that popped up a little while ago on the HH Instagram feed did the rounds again this week: croochie-proochles is a Scots dialect word meaning “the feeling of discomfort that comes from sitting in a cramped position”.

According to the online Dictionary of the Scots Language, that’s a term that...

20 Feb 2018


On Valentine’s Day the Scots word greeshoch popped up on HH—defined as both “a fire that burns hot without flames” and, figuratively, “a secret burning romance or warm affection”. 

 Etymologically, that’s a Scots corruption of the Gaelic word grìosach, meaning “ember”...

20 Dec 2017

Murg of the Day: it’s either this or the pile of work on your desk... (Wix)

On Monday, the Scots dialect word murg popped up on HH defined both as “a heavy fall of snow”, and, as a verb, “to labour perseveringly through a pile of unpleasant work”. And as it ended the week as our most popular tweet, h...

10 Aug 2017

Earlier this week the word gowpen popped up on HH...:

...followed shortly after by the word yepsen.

Those definitions we tweeted being said, both those words have long been used interchangeably: although the definitions above are those given by most dictionary entries, over the centuries gowpen has be...

28 Jul 2017

 “Hm. How many more miles is it?” (Image credit: Pixabay) 

The word chorking popped up on the HH feed this week and proved surprisingly popular:

Apparently, waterlogged footwear is a longstanding problem: the Oxford English Dictionary has unearthed its earliest record of the verb chork as early as 14...

8 Jun 2017

“Yeah, I voted for Lord Buckethead—you know, Michael Gove.” (Picture credit: Wix) 

Amidst all of this week’s politicking, over on Twitter we reposted one of our personal favourite HH words: whipmegmorum, defined as “a noisy quarrel about politics”. 

If you caught our YouTube instalment on politic...

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10 Jun 2019

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