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12 Jan 2018

Here in the UK, a major headline this week was that Nigel Farage—formerly of the UK Independence Party, and a principal voice in the Brexit campaign to leave the European Union—had after much deliberation decided that a second EU referendum might be a good idea after all. The reasonin...

26 Aug 2017

We tweeted the curious expression don’t be like the saddler of Bawtry over on HH the other day—an eighteenth century phrase warning never to refuse the offer of a drink:

And, well, it’s all too strange to leave unexplained.

Bawtry is a small market town near Doncaster in South Yorkshire, England. Acc...

24 Oct 2016

(Image credit: Public domain)  

Gadzooks and lackaday, our weekly YouTube series is nearly at an end! We’re into the last ten of the 50 videos we’ll be posting to our channel this year, and this week—by crikey!—it was the turn of exclamations and interjections to be put in the HH spotlight:


3 Mar 2016

If you’ve been following the new HH YouTube channel so far this year, you might remember that a few weeks ago we posted a list of 10 Words Derived From Dickens Characters, just in time for Dickens’ 204th birthday on February 7. And following on from that, this week as part of our 500 Words seri...

5 Sep 2015

(Image credit: Wikipedia

Earlier this week, this popped up on Haggard Hawks:

And, as so often happens with this kind of thing, there’s a brilliant—if a fairly sketchy—story behind it. Unlike a lot of slang expressions, the Glasgow magistrate has found its way into the OED, who have traced it ba...

4 Jun 2015

When it came to being amazed, those Victorians really knew how to respond:

If ever an old fashioned phrase needed bringing back into circulation, it was this one. But where does a saying as bizarre as this one come from?

The earliest record we have of this beats my grandmother! dates back to 1833, whe...

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10 Jun 2019

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