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Happy Christmas! I’ve bought you a broom. (Pixabay

Every so often, a word crops up on HH that has such a ridiculously precise meaning that it looks made up, and has such a ridiculously unlikely spelling that—well, it looks made up. And today, that word is quaaltagh: the first person you meet o...

1 Jan 2017

A very Happy New Year, everyone!

Ah, 2017 already. Let’s try and forget about how soul-crushingly terrible 2016 was and focus on making the year ahead a lot better. And with that in mind, here’s a pointless fact.

2017 is a prime number. The last year to be a prime number was 2011. And (in mathematic...

20 Dec 2016

Ah, it comes round quicker each year, doesn’t it? No, not The X Factor (although, yeah, that too actually) but Christmas. And this week over on our YouTube channel—in the penultimate episode in our 500 Words series—we looked at 10 words you’ll doubtless find utterly indispensable this holiday season...

8 Dec 2015

Christmas is almost upon us again, which means bouning your home, preparing your Yule-hole, and misportioning yourself silly. And brandy sauce. Lots of brandy sauce. Brandy sauce with everything. Otherwise YOU’RE JUST NOT DOING CHRISTMAS RIGHT.

But Christmas is also the season for kissing under...

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10 Jun 2019

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