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30 May 2019

We’ve talked a little bit before here on HH about words that have no repeated letters. They’re called isograms, and alongside some fairly familiar examples (binoculars, troublemaking, unproblematic, blacksmith) the longest English isograms contain 15 non-repeated letters, with words like u...

30 Aug 2018

If the HH Twitter feed proves anything, it’s that there is, it really seems, a word for everything. It might take some digging to find it, but someone somewhere will have come up with a word for it, from the first cut made by a saw, to the dust that comes out of cushions, and to the sound of a spade...

25 Aug 2018

Facts about wordplay always go well on HH, and today was by no means an exception. So, with more than 2,000 of you enjoying the fact, here’s a bit more about grammagrams.

As we explained over on Twitter, a grammagram is a word that can be “expressed phonetically” (i.e. pronounced) as a string of sing...

If you follow HH on Instagram, you’ll have spotted this fact the other day: 

As word trivia go, the fact that 10-letter typewriter is one of the longest top-row “typewriter words” in the dictionary is a fairly well known one. Less well known are the other examples we included in that post: repertoire...

Seemingly, there is a species of moth native to Venezuela, the taxonomic name of which is Eubetia bigauli—or “you betcha, by golly”. 

For the uninitiated in the world of taxonomic nomenclatural wordplay (a minority, surely), here’s a quick brief. 

Every species in the world has a two-part sc...

20 May 2018

Popular on Twitter this week was the fact that in the original phonetic alphabet used by the British Royal Navy during the First World War, the letter X did not stand for x-ray as it does today, but rather Xerxes. 

Most of the earliest attempts at establishing phonetic alphabets (so as to clarif...

16 Apr 2018

PUB QUIZ TRIVIA ALERT! On Monday, we tweeted the fact that the very first word ever sent over the internet was login.

Except... it kinda wasn’t. So here’s the full story.

On 29 October 1969, UCLA student Charley Kline attempted to transmit the word “LOGIN” from one computer to another using...

13 Apr 2018

A tweet from last week that stirred up a bit of interest on HH was this one, listing some surprising two-letter words that are permissible Scrabble plays:

Most of the comments it received fell into one of two categories: namely those that questioned whether or not these can’t were indeed real words,...

18 Jan 2018

If you follow Haggard Hawks on Instagram these days, earlier this week you might have spotted the fact that the most productive set of letters in a game of Scrabble is AEINRST, which can be used to spell at least nine 7-letter words:

But there’s a few things to clarify here. First of all, those words...

22 Nov 2017

A new word to add to our ever-lengthening list of Words That Are A Lot More Interesting Than They Seem popped up on HH this week: when written in a circle, the word sensuousnesses can be read both clockwise and anticlockwise. 

In answer to a few questions that followed this tweet, alas, this particul...

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10 Jun 2019

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